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Special online menus at Sweet Dunedin

All of these products can be ordered online from our website Products page. The prices are take-away prices, extra charge is the booking fee, if you decide to consume your food in our function room. No charge for Sweet Dunedin Fan Club members. Each main course is with side dish (potato, rice, pasta, sauce, salad, etc. where applicable). If you want to use our private function room as your personal restaurant, which is fully compliant to maintaining required social distance, please book it online in advance for your pleasure.
Meat-lover 1

Chicken soup a la Ujhazi
Roast a la Brasow
Chesnut puree

Take-away for £17

Meat-lover 2

Pea-mint soup
Chicken Kiev
Lemon cheese cake

Take-away for £16
Meat-lover 3

Goulash soup
Crepe suzette with lemon cottage cheese

Take-away for £10
Meat-lover 4

Roasted vine tomato soup

Take-away for £16

Vegan menu

Carrot-orange soup
Mushroom stew
Apple crisp vanilla cream

Take-away for £16

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Do you have something else in your mind?

While we tried to be creative as much as possible to select dishes which work together to give you full satisfaction, you might have different expectation. Here we have other options you can select for your pleasure. We are open for custom orders: If you want something special, talk to us, we'll make it for you.
Asparagus soup
Carrot-orange soup _ Gluten free
Carrot-orange soup _ Gluten free and Vegan
Chicken soup a La Ujhazi
French onion soup
French onion soup _ Vegan
Goulash soup
Leek Soup
Lentil Soup
Pea-mint Soup _ Gluten free
Pea-mint soup _ Gluten free and Vegan
Roasted vine tomato soup _ Gluten free
Roasted vine tomato soup _ Gluten free and Vegan
Beef stew - Marhaporkolt nokedlival -, served with noodle
Boeuf bourguignon - a la Julia Child _ Gluten free, served with mashed potato
Chicken Kiev, served with baked potato and fresh salad
Chicken-less Kiev _ Vegan, served with sweet potato and fresh salad
Crispy pork roast injected with whiskey butter, served with cooked potato, red cabbage, apple sauce and brown sauce
Fettucini Alfredo, fresh home made pasta dish with butter and parmesan cheese
Fish and chips
Marinated rump steak with grilled mashed potato, buttery garlic green beans, red vine sauce
Mashed Potato Fritters with Smoked Salmon and Chives
Mushroom stew with quinoa or rice _ Gluten free and Vegan
Pistachio-Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Apple and Escarole Salad, served with mashed potato
Roast a la Brasow _ Gluten free
Roasted chicken mushroom rice _ Gluten free
Turkey Rolls with Prosciutto and Parmesan
Afternoon tea - for 2 persons
Chestnut Puree
High teas - 2 courses
Ice cream - deep-fried
Mini Lemon Cheese Cake
Pavlova cake
Scottish cheese board
Vanilla ice cream with strawberry
You can order it online here from our Products page or use the "Sweet Dunedin" app in the Application Store for your smart phone. We can deliver it to your place if you find that more convenient.
If you want to hire our private function room, the place is comfortable for up to 8-10 guests. To check availability, simply just contact us Here or send an email to or send a text message to 07586146623 mobile number.
Booking is for the whole place, £5 (up to 5 persons) or £10 (up to 10 persons) for the whole session, payable with your final bill. No charge for Sweet Dunedin Fan Club members. Please check our Booking page for more information.