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Our place now, remodelled

Here we thank again for all of our supporters who were kind and helped us to make this happen. So this private function room with our healthy food is now a personal restaurant, acts just like a peaceful sanctuary.

Sweet Dunedin kitchen and bakery is remodelled our space for a private function room designed as an exotic jungle that mimics the sights and sounds of a forest. Great for all the family, it has an extensive menu of British and International cuisine catering for both adults and children.

Decorations are just recreating the illusion of a forest. Do not worry, no any live animal will share your food. Not a parrot, not even a leopard, although we have tried to get one. We tried really hard, but somehow the Council vetoed it.
(Fish in the aquarium are on strict diet.)

The place is comfortable for 8-10 guests. To check availability and book for date and time, please use the "Book the place" button on the top. Booking is for the whole place, £5 (up to 5 persons) or £10 (up to 10 persons) for the whole session, payable with your final bill.
No charge for Sweet Dunedin Fan Club members.
You shall receive email or text message after booking.

Our menus in Sweet Dunedin are composed with the ‘Best of British’ produce. Our philosophy is to retain the natural aroma and taste of the best ingredients available.
Please click on the "Food courses" button on the top to view the menus available. Kindly note that these are menus we thought well balanced for anyone, but you can choose any product you want.

The place is ideal for small group to share some memorable moments with each other. This place is your private restaurant room with our undivided attention, a dining place, a fantastic way to enjoy the unforgettable meal and dessert (like deep-fried ice-cream) with family or friends.

For your convenience there is computer, internet and projector built in. If you have a presentation, your favourite movie, or anything you want to share with your friends, you are more than welcome to use it. In fact, a funny cartoon movie is the best way to keep your little one on-site while you are still enjoying your dinner.